How technology is transforming the Construction Industry

Industry Insights

How technology is transforming the Construction Industry

Industry Insights

Technology continues to advance every aspect of our day-to-day lives and it’s no different within the construction industry. Below we take a look at three technological trends that are transforming the construction industry.

1. 3D Printing Technology

Progressive companies are already 3D printing as part of their strategy. In Dubai, construction professionals printed a 3D office building in around 17 days and spent two days on-site assembling it. You can expect prefabrication to save you money. As construction professionals, you can benefit from bulk discounts on materials.

Another added benefit is saving time. With its advantages, professionals have used prefabrication on some of the UAE’s most impressive projects, such as Dubai Mall and Dubai Opera.

The new technology helps to cut down on costs and lead times.

The added benefit of the techniques is that they are eco-friendly because when working on the construction, the extra materials can be easily recycled.

2. Augmented Reality (AR) Technology

Augmented reality in construction is making it easier for workers to spot potential overlaps – improving project completion times by minimising losses due to downtime and eliminating the need for rework.

With the combination of BMI models and Augmented Reality (AR), construction plans can be adjusted, and the logistics of the coming weeks can be planned more effectively. 

“Augmented Reality in construction makes it possible to present the results even before the work is complete. Misunderstandings can be identified more easily. Paper schedules and delays in communication are also eliminated as AR Overlays help identify issues faster. This also makes it easier to conduct inspections as they arise.” (resource:

3. Drone Technology

Drone technology in the Construction Industry has had a major impact, the industry has experienced a colossal 239% growth in drone use in the past 12 months, which is higher than any other commercial sector. 

In the construction industry, the use of drones can facilitate in many ways. For example, carrying out Topographic mapping and land surveys – topographic mapping is essential when planning a large construction project, as it allows construction managers to be able to map vast quantities of land. Traditionally this would have been a very time-consuming and expensive process. Drones are now being used to facilitate this time-consuming task by significantly cutting down the time it takes to gather the necessary information.  

With the advantage of saving time, money, and accuracy, you will find more construction companies adopting this technology.

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